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A Word in Season with Doug Stringer

Jul 29, 2019

Revival comes shaking or by choice! Our preparation, or lack thereof, determines how it will come in our city. Doug shares what it takes to choose revival. Listen now to be challenged to prepare for the refreshing and revival that is coming.

Jul 22, 2019

Doug gives us a fresh take at how to be an Overcomer by exposing the wiles satan uses to trip us up; and revealing how the combat those schemes using Jesus as an example. He unfolds key spiritual principles that will help you conquer every temptation so you can be an Overcomer in Christ Jesus! 


Jul 15, 2019

Join us as we look at part 1 of the Who Told You You Were Naked series. Doug teaches from the story of the Temptation in the Garden and the 3 questions the Lord asked Adam and Eve.

Jul 8, 2019

We want to reach the world around us, yet many times we find ourselves with "a form of godliness", just religion, without the power to see lasting change. But we can change that! Together we can rescue lives by bringing God back to the house.

Jul 1, 2019

Are we ready to steward the next move of God?  Returning guest, Jodie Chiricosta, shares from the lives of 3 Biblical figures how we can avoid wrong choices and safeguard ourselves against the traps of Satan so we are prepared to influence the next generation for Christ.