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A Word in Season with Doug Stringer

Jul 26, 2021

Bob Whitaker Jr., CEO of Whitaker House Publishing, provides incredible insight and practical leadership lessons the Lord taught him through heartbreaking trials and difficult decisions.  Tune in to learn how Bob and the publishing company overcame when those they trusted were found to be untrustworthy. As you face...

Jul 19, 2021

When a childhood cancer diagnosis came during a pandemic, the Smith family clung to this one thing. Our guest, Cassy Smith, shares what kept them all together and moving forward. You can have that security regardless of what unforeseen storm or trial you may face. Listen now!

Jul 12, 2021

There is power in your yes! God will take you further and farther than you could ever dream. Listen as Anne Gimenez, former national chair of America for Jesus and co-founder of the 4,000 members Rock Church in Virginia Beach joins Doug Stringer to discuss living a full life that is only found in the freedom that Jesus...

Jul 5, 2021

When we stand before God’s throne we all want to hear, "Well done My good and faithful servant!" But what will that take? What should our lives look like after we have prayed the prayer of salvation?  Listen as Doug and Ken Harrison, former LAPD officer, businessman and now Chairman/CEO of Promise Keepers, share from...