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A Word in Season with Doug Stringer

Apr 25, 2022

Summary: Love Jesus, love people! That’s not always easy when people disagree with or oppose us. So, we must ask God to give us eyes to see them as He sees them - as treasures. Listen in as Bunni Pounds shares her leadership journey with Doug Stringer.  Hear them discuss how we, as Christians, influence people and...

Apr 18, 2022

Joy! That’s what we want.  Scripture tells us those who sow in tears will reap in joy. Jesus led the way, His Great Exchange opened the door for souls to enter the Kingdom of God.  Listen as Doug shares how you can exchange tears for joy and receive renewed strength to be who God has called you to be. 

Apr 11, 2022

We are called to love! But, in this broken world it can be hard to love those around us. If we judge by what we see with our eyes we may misread the situation. We don’t know what is going on in other people’s lives. Remember, we are all imperfect people being perfected by a perfect God. Listen in as Doug Stringer...

Apr 4, 2022

We all long for God to move in this day as He did in the Book of Acts.  Doug Stringer shares stories of breakthrough and encourages us all to live out Acts lives of prayer and action to see revival.  Tune in to this challenging and prophetic message and join in the time of prayer for God to move in lives of loved ones.