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A Word in Season with Doug Stringer

Jun 1, 2020

Doug Stringer hosts a critical and important conversation with a few of our pastor brothers and friends who candidly share their own experiential journey and historical optics, how to process the anger and pain surrounding racial issues, as well as a Biblical perspective on how the Church reconciled through Christ can help to bring healing to our nation’s racial and cultural divide. This episode was taken from a Zoom call on May 29, 2020, and is both powerful, convicting and compelling. Obviously the conversation is far more involved and complex than a one hour zoom call, but it’s important we as the Church intentionally journey together as One New Man if we are to see healing and change. We definitely need the Lord’s intervention and wisdom in these crazy days.  If you want to improve your understanding of the issues and/or hear from leaders like Pastor Brondon Mathis from Columbus, Ohio, Pastor Von Won (former high level competitive athlete and christian rapper)in Houston, Apostle Kevin Barber from Rosenberg/Houston, Pastor Charles Flowers from San Antonio, Bishop Harry Jackson in Virginia/ DC area, Bishop Allen Rice (and former NFL player) in Missouri City/ Houston Texas, and others, then then listen, process, pray, respond, and share this important message. Lasting reform and change can only happen when the inward corruption of our heart is dealt with--individually first: the iniquities of the heart, including personal prejudices and sins of racism, overtly as well as covertly (hidden); then with the systemic and broken cisterns of prejudice or racism that exists.

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